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Online Poker Tournaments Types

Published by on May 13, 2009

Over the last couple of years when online poker has started to become more and more popular, an important number of players have been drawn towards online poker tournaments. Basically, right now, every month thousands of players are going to play online poker or casino blackjack tournaments for the first time. This is why many online poker rooms out there are able to offer some soft online poker tournaments, where winning a considerable amount of money is never a problem. In case you want to have more poker chips available you could try using a Titan Poker Bonus Code and you will get the maximum out of the online poker room you have.

Here you can find a short review of the most important poker online tournaments:

Elimination Tournaments – This is probably one of the most common types of online poker tournament out there. The rules are very simple the tournament will continue until the time when one player will manage to take all the chips from the other players. The moment a player will run out of chips he will be automatically eliminated. At the beginning all the players will have the same amount of chips, this means that each player will be able to have the same chances to win.

Shootout Tournaments – these online poker tournaments are very similar to the elimination tournaments. The concept is very easy. There will be a number of players groups. At each group in the end there will be only one player standing, which has all the chips. After that, the winners from the tables will play against each other until just one player will have all the chips.

Rebuy Tournaments – The difference between Rebuy online poker tournaments and other tournaments is the fact that here at certain stages of the tournaments, the players will have the option to participate once again even if they lost all their chips.

Satellite Tournaments – These tournaments are usually made to select the best players that will later participate at some special poker events. These tournaments are going to offer you a seat at some of the largest live poker events in the world. Sometimes the seat that you can win at a Satellite Tournament can be worth $10k or even more.

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