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Top 5 Poker Mistakes You Definitely Want To Avoid

Published by on October 27, 2009

A successful online poker player is the one that is going to minimize all the mistakes that he makes and always takes the right decision. In order to become a successful player, first you must be aware of the mistakes that are most commonly made. Once you are aware of the mistakes that you can make as a poker player you can move on and improve your strategies and build a large bankroll. In this article we will go over the top 10 poker mistakes:

1. Don’t Play Too Many Hands.

Most online poker players are going to have some loose standards when it comes to the hand that they play. In order to avoid doing this poker mistake you will have to stick only to the premium hands that you get, especially if you are playing at an 8 or 10 man table. Professional online poker players are going to play only about ~10-20% of the hands that they get. This way your chances of winning will improve. It’s time to leave behind hands like: K-3, J-7 or Q-4. In case you get similar hands you should drop them before the flop. One of the main reasons why people are making this error over and over again is the fact that they want action and they do not want to just stay there and wait to get a premium hand.
The online poker is a game of patience this is why in case you want to take some money home you must act like this.

2. Play Your Position Right!

A good position in poker is when you get to see exactly what your opponents are doing before reacting. This means that based on the information available, like their bets and behavior at the table you will know exactly where you’re standing and start to take the right decisions.

At a game of Texas Hold’em a good position is to start making decisions late after the flop. This means that the most ideal position to be is in front of the dealer button. Once you are situated there you will have access to the highest amount of information about your position and this way you can start taking the right decisions.

One of the most common mistakes made by online poker players is to start playing their cards without ever thinking of the position which they are holding at the table. Most of the bluff that you intend to make must be started once you are situated in a good position at the table, this way you will start to know what every opponent is holding.

3. Don’t think of you as a natural poker player!

There are many online poker players out there that are claiming about themselves to be a natural poker player. The real truth about online poker is that this game is extremely complex and it involves a lot of things, including: math, self control, performing under pressure, psychology and body language skills.
If you are going to think of you as a natural poker player you will not be able to improve your game of poker and you will limit your ability to learn something new, since you are going to think as you already know everything.

4. Don’t Be Too Predictable

Just like you are studying your opponents to create a profile of each and every of them, your opponents are going to do the same thing about you.

Another big mistake you can do while playing poker is to become too predictable. In order to avoid making this mistake you must use a more complex strategy that needs to be changed from time to time.

5. You Must Know When To Quit

The moment you will hit the tilt is always good for you to know that you have to stand up from that table and move on.

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