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How to cash out the money from an online poker bonus

Published by on February 3, 2010

How to cash out the money from an online poker bonus

Poker rooms such as the PKR offer all kinds of cash bonuses to get to play Texas Hold’em sites. Online poker bonus is the extra money is offered to you, the player, select the site to another online poker site. The reason for the additional fees “is the fact that most sites are willing to take the opportunity to give you free money in the hope that when you start to play there on their website.

If you are first to collect cash, you may be surprised when you log in, and you notice that the $ 100 Match up Bonus is not what you play for. Do not worry if you see this just because the money does not have an account does not mean it does not exist. To get the cash you have it clearly, and this gives you a sizable addition to your bankroll. Maybe poker guru and make the final table every time, but for those who can not this money is extra money in your pocket.

Clearing Bonus

To clear the bonus in cash you have to spend much time online poker site. This is to prevent players from using the sign up bonus money immediately by withdrawing cash bonus ever played. This ensures that the online poker site, which receive a bonus worth the money.

You can also play some hands, this is usually determined by the size of Match Up Bonus chooses, the higher the Match Up Bonus you will need more hands to play. If you have $ 100 in bonus money come to you, you may have to play 100 hands to remove it. The secret is that you do not need to see the hand of the river before its fall, as long as they are traded on the flop and instead towards clearing the bonus.

How to take out the money from the bonus!

Once you have cleared the online poker bonus amount, you can use it however you want, play with free money or withdraw it on the site; it is up to you, because, after all, you’ve earned it. Your account information, you can see how many raked hands you’ve played and how many to go.

The easiest online poker site is a statement of their cash bonus is PKR, visit the website below and take advantage of PKR bonus codes that provide bonus of up to $800.

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