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Where is the easiest place to play poker online?

Published by on December 14, 2011

If you have played online poker for any length of time, you will have already learned that some poker websites tend to be more challenging than others. Obviously, every online poker site will have poker pros that play the game for a living. The trick is that you have to know which games or tournaments to avoid and in some cases, which sites to avoid.

First of all, if the site does not have a lot of players online all of the time, it is less likely that pro poker players are going to be trying to make a living playing one table at a time. You’ll see players like this all the time if you play at large poker sites like PokerStars.

These pros will have 4 screens up at least and it won’t take them more than a couple of seconds to make a decision at any one table. They play so much that the decisions will become a reflex to them. These players are very difficult to play if you don’t know how to classify them.

The obvious alternative is to try avoiding these players all together. Sounds good, but how do you avoid the good players. You can check out these easy poker sites, but simply finding the right place to play isn’t enough to guarantee that you won’t be in the water with sharks.

The biggest factor in finding easy poker games is the stakes of the game. You have to be aware that anyone who is playing poker for a living isn’t going to be wasting their time with the low-limit games. There is a huge difference between playing a $10 Sit n Go and a $30 Sit n Go.

However, playing in the “Fun” poker games won’t do much to improve your game at all. Almost no one plays the free poker games with the same strategy they would when they are playing for money. If you bust out, there is no repercussions so your really not learning any lessons.

One place that the better players like to hang out is the ring games at Carbon Poker. Again, you will see less seasoned players at the $1/$2 tables then you will at the $5/$10 tables. People that normally play in tournaments with a set amount of money they can lose won’t be comfortable placing a $50 bet unless they absolutely have the hand won.

The main way to learn how to play poker is to play in the really low stakes games. These include the 50ยข/$1 tables and any poker tournament that costs less than $10 to enter. In general, these players will usually play fairly tight. If you don’t try to bully them around like a pro, you can usually get them to fold to you in key situations.

Once you find a suitable cash table or Sit N Go with level headed players, you start playing accordingly to blend in. The whole idea of playing poker online is being believable. This is especially true with cash games. You don’t want people to be able to read you. If they can classify you as a Rock (doesn’t play unless he has the cards) or a Maniac (doesn’t care what cards he has in his hand), it will cost you money.

carbon-pokerIdeally, you want to be unpredictable, but don’t play too many hands. If you are at a 6-seat table, you are going to want to participate about 1 in 3 hands. If you are at a 10-seat table, you are only going to want to play 1 in 4 to 1 in 6 hands. Positioning is key when you are making a tough decision. If you are near the first to act, always fold questionable hands unless you are planning on bluffing.

Finally, I would like to suggest an easy poker site where you can play. It is called Carbon Poker and there are plenty of new players to play against. Just follow the advice above and you will then be able to create a strategy for yourself. It is all about practice and not losing your cool when things don’t go your way.

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