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Top 7 reasons to be an online poker affiliate

Published by on April 2, 2009

1. Work from the comfort of your house.

The moment you will be an online poker affiliate you will have the opportunity to work from the comfort of your house. For some people working from home is a lot better than going to a 9 to 5 job, and this way they are able to be more productive.

2. Get the full benefits of working in a high growing industry.

The latest statistics are showing that the online poker is an industry that never stopped from growing ever since it was invented, back in 1999. Many people are stating that this industry is also not affected by the financial crisis, along with online casino and sports betting. For example the Ladbrokes 2008 last quarter profits were still rising, and they still kept
that trend.

3. Get funds for online poker.

Once you will be an online poker affiliate you will see that there are many online poker rooms that will allow you to receive your commissions directly in your online poker accounts. This way you will have the opportunity to use a part of that money to play poker. This is happening since a large part of the online poker affiliates are also online poker players.

4. Nice affiliates communities.

Right now there are two important forums for online poker affiliates:Poker Affiliate World (PAW) and Poker Affiliate Listings (PAL). You will be able to find a decent amount of online poker affiliates on both forums, this way you will be able to exchange knowledge about the industry, and in case you are new to this industry ask questions, and get answers from some of the most successful affiliates in the industry.

5. Generous commissions

Online gambling has always offered some of the highest commissions out there. This way the industry is very competitive, but in the same time it’s going to be very rewarding too. The online poker industry is currently offering two payment plans. A CPA model, where you will get paid a fixed commission for every online poker player that you are going to bring, or a
recurring commission where you will get paid a certain percentage of the rake taken by the online poker rooms from the players you bring in.

6. Gain access to the largest online poker deals

In case you are also an online poker player, the moment you will become an affiliate you will have the opportunity to gain access to the largest sign up bonuses and rakeback deals. This way you will certainly be able to save as much as possible when playing poker for real cash.

7. Learn poker as you build your network of websites

The moment you will start building your first online poker website, you must have certain knowledge about the game. In case you don’t have it, you need to start reading more about online poker. Right now the greatest online poker websites were created by some of the best poker players.

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