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Multi Table Tournaments

Published by on December 22, 2010

Multi Table Tournaments

Multi table tournaments are the biggest paying type of poker table in turns of what you can make back from how much you put in. This makes them extremely popular, and playing them requires quite a bit of skill. Once you have honed your single table casino poker tournament play, the next step could be considered multi table tournaments. In the early days of online poker, there were often free tournaments that you could enter to hone your skills, and eventually try to win some real money, these tournaments were extremely popular with the online players, and it is a great shame that they don’t exist anymore.

Multi table poker tournaments require a great deal of patience, determination and being able to prevent yourself from going Full Tilt (Full tilt is when, after you lose a hand, you continue to play losing hands badly, in some sort of desperate attempt to get your chips back). Learning these skills is the next improvement to be made on your game. On the upside, these poker tables only require a small deposit in order to reap a great reward, but on the downside are much harder to win, due to the fact you may have to beat hundreds of players before reaching a paying position.

This type of play has its ups and downs generally all within one tournament, where on single table tournaments and cash tables; you may find some tables are in your favour, some are not. In multi table poker tournaments however, there will be periods of time that are not in your favour and others that are. Learning to capitalise on the times in your favour and to remain patient through times that are not is imperative to succeeding here. Tournaments here are like the others in the respect that each has increasing buy INS, some start at as little as £1.50 and go up into the hundreds of pounds. Pay-outs are calculated by how many people enter, and how many paying places there are.

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