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Casino Player Magazine: Poker Review

Published by on March 18, 2009

Casino Player Magazine Review

Casino Player Magazine is the perfect choice for anyone who loves poker, Blackjack or even slots. This magazine covers all of the many different types of gambling, giving everyone in the casino community something to look for. If you are into gambling, or you work at a casino, this is one magazine that can entertain and inform.

What’s In Casino Player?

Casino Player Magazine contains information on all of the different aspects of gambling and casinos. There is information on sports betting, playing slots and all of the other casino games that have become popular over time. The information is both informative and entertaining, giving you the best of both worlds. Both new and experienced players can use the information in Casino Player Magazine, whether you are a gambler or you work in a casino.

The Casino Player Magazine also includes a comprehensive list of where you can find player friendly casino games in Las Vegas, which is well known for being the gambling capital of the US. Along with six hundred thousand other gamblers, you can make Casino Player yours by subscribing to the magazine for yourself, and by visiting the magazine online at

What’s Online?

You will find a large selection of articles from Casino Player Magazine online. Some of the most popular features of the website include online gambling reviews, Las Vegas hotel reviews and the online gambler’s store. In order to get the most information from Casino Player Magazine, however, you will definitely want to get your own subscription. The magazine gives you information on casinos across the US, making it simple to choose one for your next gambling trip.

You can also subscribe to the free newsletter offered by Casino Player Magazine at the online website. The newsletter comes to your email inbox packed with tips about the best gambling facilities in the US, as well as tips on playing casino games and what it takes to manage a large scale casino. There is definitely something for everyone in this magazine, even if you never visit a large land based casino and prefer to gamble at an online casino, instead.

How To Subscribe

You can subscribe to Casino Player Magazine online using the convenient subscription form found on the website. The cost of a twelve month subscription is only about twenty eight dollars, with an option to renew on an annual basis for a reduced price. The Casino Player Magazine is definitely a must have for anyone who is involved with gambling or casinos.

If you have been looking for insider information on casinos in your area, this is the perfect choice for you. Subscribing or visiting the website is simple, and will give you all the information you are looking for.

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