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Is Phil Ivey the best in the World at Texas Holdem Poker?

Published by on November 28, 2011

There is no cooler customer at a Texas Holdem Poker table than Phil Ivey. He is regarded by his friends on the global Texas Holdem circuit as the ultimate professional and his prize money winnings speak for themselves.

Yet in many ways Phil Ivey is a contradiction in terms as far as top level Texas Holdem Poker professionals are concerned. In a world where the number of eccentric players seems to be growing all the time, and players wear hoods, sunglasses, hats and a load of other accessories to try and hide their emotions or “tells” as they are known, Phil Ivey is an open book.

For Phil is the kind of Texas Hold’em genius that even may have invented some of his own tells to confuse opponents. Ivey is known to widen his eyes when holding a strong hand, a trait that his opponents began to interpret as a tell, With so many Texas Holdem Games being televised these days, opponents have ideal opportunity to examine Ivey’s play and analyse the very many tells that he gives out.

However there are others that reckon that Phil Ivey has also studied his own mannerisms and now fabricates his tells to further confuse his competitors. Phil is not one of these players who needs to be in every hand but when it comes to taking down a big pot, Phil Ivey is as cool as a cucumber and no raise is too large to scare him off.

Phil Ivey is regarded as being among the top five all-around poker players on the circuit, and despite his success, remains an extremely level headed and respected individual.

One of the first professional players to join the Texas HoldEM circuit, Ivey has been a consistent tournament winner for more than a decade and a big money winner every year that he been around.

Ivey earned his place in the history by winning three bracelets on the 2002 World Series of Poker No Limit Holdem Poker tournament circuit, a remarkable accomplishment in anyone’s terms. To date, as well as his seven World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets, Ivey has finished in the top ten several more times, and been placed in the top 25 four times between the 2002. To date, Ivey has yet to win the WSOP tournament outright, but has probably taken home more prize money than those that have.
In recent years Phil has taken part in fewer tournaments preferring to spend his playing time taking part in very high stake Texas HoldEM cash games, many of which are televised.

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